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Operation Save-A-Life (SAL)

Operation Save-A-Life (SAL) is a program paid for by the Camden County Freeholders’ Addiction Awareness Task Force and administered by Delaware Valley Medical (DVM) in Pennsauken, NJ:

They are located at:

7980 South Crescent Blvd
Pennsauken, NJ 08109
856-665-5243 (Fax)

The program will provide a combination of methadone maintenance, intensive outpatient treatment and case management for up to 60 days. The goal of the program is to assist patients who overdosed, were administered Narcan in the field and medically cleared by offering an evidenced based outpatient service that will help to eliminate symptoms of withdrawal while the patient awaits placement in an inpatient service or begins an evidenced based medication assisted therapy and outpatient program.


a) Once a patient is medically cleared, a referral will be made to DVM

b) Delaware Valley is open between the hours of 5:30AM and 1:00PM

c) Referrals will be called to DVM, *(856) 665-5100.

d) **Patients may be referred between 5:30am and 11am, patient must arrive no later than 11am to complete intake with Del Val MD. The doctor leaves at 12 noon.

e) Referrals can be accepted Monday – Saturday.

f) Referring hospital will fax demographic sheets, 2 forms of ID, an H&P and the Discharge Summary to initiate referral for Operation SAL.

g) Patients at the time of arrival must provide 2 forms of ID which is in compliance with Federal and State regulations and standard practice for Opiate Maintenance Organizations in New Jersey.

h) Delaware Valley requires approximately one hour (or less depending on time of referral) to review clinical.

i) Patients once accepted must be at Delaware Valley Medical (DVM) no earlier than 5:30AM and no later than 11:00AM Monday through Saturday. The DVM MD leaves at noon and NO patient can be medicated without MD orders.

j) DVM is the only licensed agent who will clinical determinations regarding the eligibility. Any decisions regarding admission will conform to state and federal regulations.

k) Patients who present multiple times may still benefit from Operation SAL. Again, the primary goal of Operation SAL is to assist any willing person was administered Narcan at risk for fatality brought in to the ER by Municipal Police Departments to join the recovering community by entering into treatment.

l) Once accepted by DVM, if patients are able to be directly transported from the hospital, the hospital will provide at their cost transportation to DVM.

a. Otherwise, if a patient can be safely managed in another supportive environment, patients may arrive on their own accord.

b. ******* DVM will not accept patients with illicit Benzodiazepine use.

c. ******* If a person tests positive for illicit benzodiazepines, they are ineligible for admission.

d. Patients with valid prescription for Benzodiazepine medication must obtain a clearance letter from their prescribing physician prior to participating with DVM.

e. If they do have a prescription, it is going to be difficult to admit without the following:

      •  Present a current, valid prescription from a qualified prescribing practitioner for review by the program physician to be incorporated into his/her treatment plan;
      •  Patient is to be actively involved in healthcare services with the prescribing practitioner;
      •  Provide verification of the diagnosis warranting the use of the supportive medication regimen;
      •  Authorize consent for program to communicate with prescribing practitioner to coordinate care planning and medication management regimens:
      •  Prescribing practitioner will be made aware of his/her enrollment in OTP services

While in the program:

  • Case management assistance, referrals to Board of Social Services
  • Regarding inpatient services:
    • PATIENTS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED TO INPATIENT SERVICES unless they meet NJ and County residency requirements, NJ Division of Mental Health and Addictions Income Eligibility (DASIE) requirements. Referrals for county funding will be made to the county of residence. Patients from any other state will be referred back to their state addiction agencies or primary insurance carriers to seek inpatient services. Information may be obtained from Camden County’s Department of Health & Human Services at (856) 374-6361 or by contact the Rutgers UNIVERSITY BEHAVIORAL HEALTH Care (UBHC) at (844) 276-2777.
    • Contact Community Helplines will be able to answer basic questions regarding Operation SAL between the hours of 5:00PM and 5:30AM 7 days-a-week. Contact Community Helplines may not speak for Delaware Valley Medical. They can be reached at 877-266-8222 (

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